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Samurai Village

R&RUN Kyoto の近くには本格的な映画の撮影をしている太秦映画村があります。(車で約25分)






There is an Edo period themed attraction park called Uzumasa Eigamura near R&Run Kyoto, where you can experience the iconic traditional Japanese scenery of 250 years ago. 

(25 min drive from our facility)

The park is a replica of an Edo period town, which features Edo style traditional buildings and landmarks that are famously know to be used as backgrounds in many Japanese films. You may be able to see realistic samurai and ninja training taking place. 

Since many productions film at this location, you might encounter famous actors/actresses if you are lucky. 

The park includes many attractions such as ninja shows and a haunted house that is known to be the scariest in Japan. Visitors of any age can enjoy this park. 

You can also rent Edo style costumes to wear and experience what is felt like to live in the Edo period. The Uzumasa Eigamura is definitely a must see spot in Kyoto!

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